Helping families to flourish through music

Flora Lim

My students call me Ms Lim. Parents are welcome to call me Flora, although many of them insist on calling me Ms Lim too - I see this as a show of affection!

There's so much I could say about my lifelong relationship with music. I could tell you that I graduated from the University of Toronto and have won music competitions in both the US and Canada for my playing. That I've been a recording artist and have been featured on CBC television and TV Ontario. That I've been published in music magazines. But really, the work that most matters to me is teaching. Above all, I love the meaningful relationships that I get to develop with my studio families. It's the result of trust that's built on hard work on everyone's part.

My passion for education is what drives me to learn more about the conditions that help us to learn more effectively. My interests in social justice, psychology and neuroscience mean that I see music as a means to human flourishing. Thrive Music Studio™ is the culmination of over 20 years of teaching experience. And I am committed to bringing out the best in each of my students through creativity, collaboration and love... even if it means that I sometimes have to use my "very serious" voice.

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