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The Flute Studio

An ability to capture the expressive qualities of the human voice is probably why the flute has been a part of every culture throughout history. If you're on this page, it's the modern Western flute that's brought you here. That's a good thing because that's the kind of flute that we specialise in at the studio.

Whether you're seeking to improve your playing for your school band/orchestra or preparing for an audition or Flute Studentwhether you just love the sound of the flute and want to learn how to play it better for your own enjoyment, you will be guided by someone who is an expert in this instrument.

Your Lessons

At Thrive Music Studio™, you will find a positive and supportive learning environment. We''ll work together to find music that resonates with you. Of course, you'll develop a solid technical foundation that will enable you to play the flute with a voice that is truly yours.

Performing Opportunities

Flute lessonsTwice a year, you'll have the opportunity of experiencing the pleasure that comes with sharing some of your favourite music with an appreciative audience. We always follow these performances with an “afternoon tea” featuring homemade gourmet delights! It's also a chance to socialise with other studio families who have chosen to make our studio a part of their musical journey.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a little bit more challenge, we can help you prepare for Royal Conservatory Examinations and music festivals.

Dedicated to Your Musical Success

MasterclassYou'll get meaningful feedback on a weekly basis to make sure that you're making good progress. You'll also get support on how to develop a healthy practise routine to help you achieve your goals. If you're the parent of a younger child, you may be asked to take notes in lessons to help out with home practicing. If you are a young beginner, you may start on the fife or the recorder in preparation for the flute. Success depends upon establishing a regular practice routine early on, as well as developing good playing habits from the start. You'll need to have a well-maintained flute to practise on and to use in lessons – ask us for recommendations.

There are no openings for flutists at present. Please email us if you'd like to be added to the waiting list.

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