what our parents are saying


Ms Lim is such a remarkable person. Our kids love her. They enjoy her Kindermusik and Play a Story classes and have since switched to virtual classes which has been a seamless transition. Her energy and dedication to her classes make kids eager to learn and enjoy. We wholly recommend Ms Lim to anyone wishing for their child to embark on a musical journey and thrive. Her methods of getting kids to enjoy music while learning at the same time are phenomenal. We are constantly amazed by her techniques to build a firm foundation and inspire a love of music for life. Our only regret is that we did not start our kids sooner!


Excellent studio with probably the best music learning journey a child can go through! The music and course director, Ms Lim, is very passionate and methodical not only towards teaching music but also helping parents to establish the right mindset and gear up with the right tools to support their kid’s learning.

The Play a Story piano course is just fantastic. It introduces the language of music and piano to kids in a fun and non-intimidating way. It is not a course to teach a kid to play a popular tune in the next recital. It is a course to cultivate a kid with a lifelong enjoyment of music.


Ms Lim is a dedicated and engaging professional educator who uses non-traditional methods to inspire and teach young kids to play piano and enjoy all aspects of musical learning.

My son loves his weekly class with his friends and actually enjoys his practices at home. My husband is an elementary school music teacher who also highly appreciates Ms Lim’s innovative efforts.

Parent involvement is a must in Ms Lim’s class. She offers professional workshops for parents as well that not only help parents to better assist their children’s musical learning journey but also parenting tips and ideas in general.

Overall, both children and adults will benefit from Thrive Studio’s well-tailored musical programmes and Ms Lim’s passion for teaching!


We have known Ms Lim for over 3 years and have been a part of both Kindermusik and piano classes.

Her Kindermusik classes are so enjoyable! She teaches the kids to practise patience and develop their musical ear while at the same time having so much fun! We always leave her classes in a good mood.

Her piano classes are much more intense but stimulate students to learn through enjoyment of music. She goes above and beyond to ensure each person understands the lessons and concepts introduced.

We have never met anyone more willing to help families flourish through music. We whole-heartedly recommend Thrive Music Studio!


Flora’s Thrive Music Studio is a creative Musical GEM in the heart of original historical downtown Markham Village. Thrive Music Studio’s teachings not only foster one’s love for music but the personal growth of each learner. For the past 4 years, my boys and our family have benefited greatly from the experience and relationship we have built with Flora and the studio.

Not only are my boys learning about the technical aspects of playing music through Flora’s wonderful and skilled teachings but it has also fostered their sense of fraternity, compassion, and kindness with others. Thrive Music Studio with its artistically skilled and compassionate orchestral conductor, Flora Lim, is exactly what makes Thrive Music Studio a polished GEM worth discovering. THRIVE ON!!!


We’ve been attending Kindermusik over the last 2 years with our 3 year old son. When he was 16 months old we went to a free trial class. Ms. Lim and her Kindermusik class sparked his attention and he was engaged the whole time. We signed him up for the term, and we have been making Kindermusik part of our family’s routine ever since.

Ms. Lim is an exceptional person and music teacher. She is so warm, friendly, knowledgeable, engaging, and makes each child and parent feel welcomed and valued. She shares her passion for music with the children and provides a very stimulating, educational and fun musical adventure each week.

Not only do we have fun with the music, important routines are established and a new developmental skill is taught and focused on each class (eg. Turn taking, transitional times, listening skills, sharing, social skills, etc). Since attending, we have seen our son develop and grow in so many ways! He loves Ms Lim and the routine he has learned at Kindermusik.


Our daughter has been attending Kindermusik classes with Flora for just over a year now. It has been a truly wonderful experience for the whole family. As parents, we enjoy the classes just as much as our little girl does! Flora is an amazing teacher – always extremely engaged and attentive. She really makes each child and their family feel special. Each class is full of music, learning, and activity. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the Kindermusik program and Flora, especially! I would highly recommend this program, and Thrive Music Studio, in particular, to anyone looking to introduce and encourage a love for music in their child.


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